MarineNet LLC

Providers of BargeEx™
Leading the Marine Industry EDI initiative



BargeEx™, a service provided by MarineNet, LLC, is a Value Added Network (VAN) that currently delivers over 1.75 million Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messages per month between barge service providers and their customers.  


BargeEx™ gives you the ability to electronically exchange barge orders, boat orders, barge status, boat status, invoice and tow diagram information between your organization’s system and your customer’s/vendor’s internal system.​ 


BargeEx™ is designed to provide value in several ways:​

  • Streamline the process of exchanging order, traffic and invoice information with the Trading Partners internal systems ​
  • Reduce the pain of correcting errors from miskeyed data, poor handwriting, poor voice communication, etc.​
  • Reduce overall operational costs by reducing the number of disputes about orders and invoices​
  • Improved service & profitability​
  • Control the “Right to Know” and “Need to Share”​


Cyber threats do not care if you are shore-side or underway. As long as you are connected to the internet, you are at risk.  MarineNet offers resources and programs to help you educate your crews and shore-side support staff. 

There are always vulnerabilities created by accessing,

interconnecting or networking the below systems that can lead to cyber risks that should be addressed. These systems could include, but are not limited to:

  1. Bridge systems
  2. Cargo handling and management systems
  3. Propulsion and machinery management and power control systems
  4. Access control systems
  5. Crew servicing and management systems
  6. Crew facing public networks
  7. Administrative systems
  8. Communication systems.


MarineNet offers a comprehensive program that follows the guidelines put forth by the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center Industrial Control Systems (NCCIC) and by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Our program provides guidance to assist your organization in preparing your boats, shore-side, and networks, to handle and analyze a cyber incident. 

Referential Meta Data

MarineNet offers a comprehensive set of standardized referential metadata for boats, barges, and locations for our trading partners.  We source our data from owners and operators, USCG, USACE, EPA, NOAA, and other industry sources.

This data is for use in our trading partners' management systems for trading mission-critical information. Their use of this standardized information ensures correctness and reliability of the information, resulting in savings in time and costs.